Proud, Missourian, Husband, and Father

Shane Schoeller grew up in Branson, MO, and graduated from Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar. Shane and his wife, Mendie, live in Willard, MO, and have three children.

Dedicated Public Servant

Currently the Greene County Clerk, Shane Schoeller previously served as a Missouri State Representative where he fought for Voter ID laws, paper ballots, and other election reforms to ensure secure, accurate, and fair elections. Shane also serves on the board of the Springfield Pregnancy Care Center and the Southwest Baptist University National ALumni Board of Directors.

Proven Election Authority

In the Missouri State House Of Representatives, Shane Schoeller championed Voter ID legislation. As Greene County Clerk, Shane has led the effort to root out voter fraud and improve election security by conducting rigorous post-election audits on voting machines, improving chain-of-custody procedures, and opposing efforts to impose paperless voting. Under his leadership, the Greene County Clerk's office uncovered voter fraud and held the offender accountable.

Shane Schoeller's Election Security Vision

  • Require Signature Verification for All Absentee Ballots
  • Protect Missouri's Voter ID Law
  • Ensure Bipartisan Election Judges
  • Oppose Ballot Drop Boxes
  • Stop Efforts to Allow Non-Citizens to Vote
  • Require Paper Ballots
  • Election Transparency